Be Stronger. Be Healthier. Live Better.

The Spencer Health Club which is located right in the heart of the IFSC, have joined forces with the fantastic Mariano for our members to avail of one to one training in the Spencer Health Club. This allowing our members to use all of the top quality facilities and equipment available at the gym. We highly recommend Mariano to guide you in achieving your fitness goals and set you up for long term healthy life changes. 

Fitness Coaching By Mariano Philosophy

Self-care can be viewed as the new wealth - to be stronger, to be healthier and to live better. Fitness training and nutrition it is not a one size fits all process. Exercise is also a skill that can be developed. I believe everyone can improve and achieve any fitness goal through a professional and personalised approach, making sure we exercise more intelligently, taking care of our movement, nutrition and regeneration. I see exercise and healthy nutrition habits as the best preventive care we have.

How we start

·        A complimentary one-on-one discussion gathering all the necessary information, part of his process will be the completion of a series of questionnaire on medical history, social environment etc. as well as completion of a food diary. I listen to your needs and what you want to accomplish, we will work together to create the right exercise and nutrition approach that is unique to you based on your goals and lifestyle.

·        This will also include Functional Movement Screening to identify any potential imbalances or dysfunction. We do not want to add weight to a structure that can’t support it. During your training program we’ll work to make your body frame better and we will fix movement patterns first as required.


Coaching Style

Coaching is provided in a way that supports and encourages a gradual sustainable change, not standard plans. I work with you to create a series of sustainable healthy habits, one small habit after another, this way you will build the physical and psychological skills required to make better and healthier choices.

Support you all the way through the constraints and challenges you may find in order to help you succeed. Think of me as your sponsor- caring, patient, empathetic coaching making things easier for you.

How we continue

·        As results- orientated training program with specific goals designed for you that includes all the fundamentals needed to develop your skill and performance.

·        Training sessions will include a series of exercise that will help you to improve your endurance, strength, flexibility, mobility and stability, coordination, power and stamina.

·     All sessions will end with a PNF or proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation stretching- commonly used in clinical environments to enhance range of motion and rehabilitation.

Create healthy habits not restrictions

·        Eat slowly and stop eating when you are 89% full

·        Eat more vegetables thank fruit

·        Choose mostly whole foods with minimal processing

·        Choose local or organic foods when possible

·        Use smaller or larger plates based on your body size


About Me

After being trained and taught by a Strength and Conditioning coach in England for 8 years, I completed my professional fitness training transitioning from a career in finance to fitness, wellness and nutrition.

·        Diploma Personal Training issued by The National Personal Training Institute of US and Canada

·        Certified Personal Trainer with NASM-US National Academy of Sports Medicine

·        Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach

·        TRX (Suspension Training) instructor

·        FMS- Functional Movement Screen Certified Administrator

Having to manage hard changes to take control of my own fitness and health, I felt happier than ever before and found a new meaning and purpose. I am self-motivated with talent in motivating others and I made my goal to help people to get in better shape and improve their lifestyle to be stronger, to be healthier and to live better.

All sessions are one-hour long

Initial one-hour consultation free

Pay as you go sessions €60

Block of 10 sessions or more €50 per session

Contact Mariano on 087-0919358


Facebook: fitnessbymariano Twitter: @marianohermosa

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For more information on personal training please email us on or avail of our inhouse personal trainers that are also here to help you get back in to shape. 

The Spencer Health Club