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RIP 60 is a fitness programme designed to change the way people look, feel and move through progressive programming, constant motion, versatile movements and the power of rotation. This body weighted, suspension-style method of training consists of hundreds of both off and on-strap movements and relies upon the user's own body weight for resistance, making it an optimal tool for any fitness level to achieve many different fitness goals.

It incorporates flexibility, strength, stability and balance. This is achieved by recreating natural, human movement patterns. It’s a cross training class that uses both cardio and resistance to burn the maximum number of calories.


RIP 60 will improve the way your body moves and feels. It will help to increase your lean muscle mass, energy levels and exercise endurance, improve balance and flexibility while decreasing body fat.


Check out our class timetable page and experience our RIP 60 class to improve or maintain your fitness and fat burning regime. 

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