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Check out our video for a sneak peek into the Spencer Health Club. What makes us different at The Spencer Health Club is our luxurious facility. We have excellent attentive service and we're always looking out for our members. Want more information? Check out our classesmembership benefits or meet the team.

Stuck for time? Want to hit all the big muscles and to shred some fat? Try complexes. Lots of different variations and combos to choose from. Barbell or dumbbell. Here's Louise doing modified deadlift, bent over row, clean, overhead press and front squat. Throw 10 of these together (shes done 6 reps of everything) and you'll feel the burn!

Here's a lovely variation of the lunge performed by Louise. Challenge your coordination as well as your balance by alternating the hand your weight sits in. It should always be at the back leg.

This is our instructor and personal trainer Kenny demonstrating press ups with a band. It helps with power and strength, making the top end of the movement more difficult to do. Why not try it yourself?

We know burpees
We know the renegade row
We know the pressup
We know the overhead press

We've trained core, hams, back, chest, shoulders and done a little bit of cardio.........why not throw them all together!

Why not have a little bit of fun when you train. Buddy training encourages both of you as you can see from our Instructors Rodica and Jamie!

Watch our instructor Jamie performing a Turkish set-up.
Some of the many benefits of this exercise include,

Increased core stability
Increased overall body strength
Increased shoulder stability
Increased hip and glute strength

Walking lunges are primarily a quad exercise but also involve other muscle groups including the glutes, hamstrings, calves and core. It's also a back friendly exercise as you keep your back straight and your chest lifted so little risk of back strain.

Watch our Kenny preform it. Any questions on any exercise please don't hesitate to ask any member of our fitness team!

Great exercise for the lower core, performed by Kenny!

Going on holidays soon but don't want to lose the hard work you've put in on the gym floor? Can't find a gym nearby that has pay as you go facilities? Never fear, there's always a solution. Whether it's bodyweight exercises or resistance bands you can always get a workout in. No, you won't break any personal bests but that's not the point. All you're looking to do is maintain the body and fitness when away. Bands come in different strengths and are cheap to buy. You can do loads of different movements including the squat, performed here by Rodica. Throw in an overhead press at the top end of the movement to combine the 2.

A great exercise to isolate the lats (latissimus dorsi). I am thrusting the hips a bit, my bad, was the end of a long, tough session. Tilt the body forward a bit, extend the arms and pull the bar down while keeping the arms straight. Engage your lats (squeeze them). Try it and see how you get on!

Imbalances between your left and right side when it comes to strength? Why not try some unilateral (each side individually) work? Here Rodica performs a one handed pulldown. Just remember, if you do a few unilateral exercises in your programme that you have to allow extra time to do.

Want to deadlift but not sure of the setup? Take a quick look at Kenny here. Back flat, feet under the bar and head up. Don't jerk when you lift, gauge the weight in case it's a little heavy, last thing you want to do is put your lower back out!

Yesterday he worked the triceps, today it's the other side, the biceps. These 2 muscle groups work well together in a push and pull. Watch Stephen perform the seated curl

Do you perform leg curl every time you need a hamstring exercise? This is a knee flexion movement. Why not work the hamstring from the glute, an extensor movement. Here Kenny is doing a variation of a stiff leg D/L, or RDL. He's using a cable for resistance. Remember to keep the back flat!

Inverted rows are a brilliant way to target the back. You also hit the biceps, traps and all the stabiliser muscles in between. Start off at 45 degree angle and as you get stronger get yourself more parallel to the floor and really test yourself. In this video Rodica teams it with walking push ups for a push and pull combo!

Hamstrings: possibly the laziest of muscle groups, the most difficult to train and the easiest to injure!
Most of us will naturally veer towards a leg curl (knee flexion) of some description or possibly an RDL (hip extensor) but why not train them unilaterally as most people have more power/flexibility in one over the other.

Whether your doing rehab on them (as I am in this video) or just want to do something different while loading them one at a time, why not try this rear foot elevated stiff leg deadlift. Keep the lower back flat and front leg slightly bent.