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Yogalates combines the best of two exercise regimes - Yoga and Pilates. It is an invigorating class that works the whole body. Yogalates classes take the strength and flexibility exercises of a yoga class and combines them with core strengthening, spine elongating and posture perfecting exercises of Pilates. The combination of both helps you not only achieve a strong, flexible body but it will help you look slimmer, toned and healthier, with a relaxed sense of well-being. Yogalates will leave you feeling revitalised in body and mind, come along and try it for yourself.

This class is fun to practice and accessible to all levels of fitness.

Benefits of Yogalates include:

  • ·        Increases vitality & energy
  • ·        Realigns the body
  • ·        Strengthens the core
  • ·        Improved posture
  • ·        Builds bone density
  • ·        Improves circulation
  • ·        Promotes good health
  • ·        Improve your movement patterns and mobility while stretching your muscles to make them stronger, looser and more subtle.


With so many benefits yogalates will be sure to get you feeling and looking great!


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