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Tips for new gym goers
Posted on: 2018-02-14 15:25:22Fitness  |  Gym  |  Gym Etiquette  |  Healthy Eating  |  Training
Tips for New Gym Goers   New year, new you time. You do it every year and every year you fall away. Have you ever stopped to think why? It’s easy for us to label people lazy but sometimes It’s not that simple. There are numerous reasons
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Ten tips for better bodies
Posted on: 2018-02-20 13:06:12Fitness  |  Gym Etiquette  |  Healthy Eating  |  Cardio  |  Training
10 Tips for Better Bodies     Our Health Club Supervisor Louise shares her top tips on how to get the best and healthiest body for you:  1. Keep eating simple. Avoid processed foods and stick to lean cuts of meat and vegetables as close
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Make exercise easier for you
Posted on: 2018-04-04 11:47:24Fitness  |  Gym  |  Gym Etiquette  |  Healthy Eating  |  Cardio  |  Training  |  Weights  |  Strength Training
    For the last while I’ve been writing articles on specific things. Lose bodyfat, gain muscle, importance of sleep, the dangers of parabens, gluten etc. This time I’m simplifying it, taking it back to the beginning. Not everyone
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Cardio Vs Weights - Part 1.
Posted on: 2018-04-09 11:59:19Fitness  |  Gym  |  Gym Etiquette  |  Cardio  |  Training  |  Weights  |  Strength Training
  In the first of a 2 part series, our Heath Club Manager Louise looks at the myths and truth surrounding the Cardio vs Weights debate, and how both play a role in achieving your fitness goals. Cardio vs Weights, which is best and why? This is an
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Cardio Vs Weights - Part 2.
Posted on: 2018-04-17 09:37:18Fitness  |  Gym  |  Gym Etiquette  |  Cardio  |  Training  |  Weights  |  Strength Training
  In part 2 of our series, Health Club manager Louise looks into the benefits of weight-lifting and how it plays such an important role in improving your health and fitness.  Weights – ah, my holy grail, the reason that I exist. Now that
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Some things you're not doing at the gym
Posted on: 2019-03-29 13:37:09Fitness  |  Gym  |  Gym Etiquette  |  Strength Training
Some things you’re not doing at the gym (and possibly should be) • You don’t use the ‘heavy’ weights. What does heavy even mean? What’s heavy to one person isn’t necessarily heavy to another. Also, you have 2 main
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10 Tips for Better Bodies
Posted on: 2019-10-07 12:47:42Fitness  |  Gym  |  Gym Etiquette  |  Healthy Eating  |  Cardio  |  Training  |  Weights  |  Strength Training
1. Keep eating simple. Avoid processed foods and stick to lean cuts of meat and vegetables, as close to their natural state as possible. When consuming carbohydrates, go for low GI, complex ones that are packed with nutrients and dietary fibre like sweet potato
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Food prep, is it really as difficult as you think?
Posted on: 2019-10-07 12:51:14Fitness  |  Gym  |  Gym Etiquette  |  Healthy Eating  |  Cardio  |  Training  |  Weights  |  Strength Training
Food seems to be the main thing that people fall down with on their journey. They get to the gym regularly and train well but often find themselves with no prep work done food wise and end up grabbing something that isn't ideal. When asked about food prep
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Supplements - what should you be taking
Posted on: 2019-10-21 14:38:17Fitness  |  Gym  |  Gym Etiquette  |  Healthy Eating  |  Cardio  |  Training  |  Weights  |  Strength Training
People ask me what supplements I take and to be honest it varies from time to time but one I always take is magnesium. For me it's primarily to aid a restful sleep but there are numerous reasons why people should take it. • Craving junk food and
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10 great things that happen when you cut out sugar
Posted on: 2019-10-22 12:38:49Fitness  |  Gym  |  Gym Etiquette  |  Healthy Eating  |  Cardio  |  Training  |  Weights  |  Strength Training
1. Your head will hurt less. No more spiking and crashing of blood sugar levels which are a big cause of headaches and migraines. Sugar also increases the severity of the pain. 2. Your blood pressure and LDL cholesterol will head south. Even better still
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