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3 Ingredient Chocolate Cake

Posted on: 2020-01-24 08:41:58Fitness  |  Gym  |  Gym Etiquette  |  Healthy Eating  |  Cardio  |  Training  |  Weights  |  Strength Training

Fancy something a little sweet but don't want to totally break your new year good habits?

Try this 2/3 ingredient chocolate cake and don't feel guilty having a slice after a long day 🙂

Heat a round cake pan in the oven.
Take out and pour in chocolate chips (I use dark, raw chips)
Separate 3 egg yolks from the whites.
Put the yolks in on top of the melting chips and stir until completely mixed (the hot cake tin should melt the chips)
Whisk the 3 egg whites until soft peaks and pour into the mixture and whisk.
You can now add a teaspoon of vanilla extract if you want for extra flavour.
Cook in the oven for about 20-25 mins, testing with a skewer to see if cooked.

If you want to top with something, try a little Greek yogurt or blitz some raspberries in a blender and pour over top.