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Why do you change your opinions

Posted on: 2019-04-04 10:17:13Fitness  |  Gym  |  Healthy Eating

Why do you change your opinions?

It's a question that I've been asked over the years when it comes to training methods and nutritional programming. The simple answer? Ideas change, facts change, data changes, people change.

Scientists base their theories and ideas around facts, but these facts and ideas can change with new and improved developments in equipment and experiments. In the late 1990's scientists thought the universe was slowing down due to gravity. Recent discoveries have proved that the universe is actually flying apart, getting bigger and bigger.

The same goes for fitness and nutrition. What we thought and believed and preached 20 years ago no longer seems intelligent to even think out loud! Shortened range of movement, static stretching, carb free long-term eating, fat-free diets, these have been gratefully de-bunked over time.

From a trainers perspective, what I'd like to see my clients doing is sometimes miles wide of what they can actually do and I've leaned this over the past decade. Free time, job/study, kids/spouses/family all play a major role in goal-setting and finding something that is viable and sustainable and this is something you need to find out really quickly if things are to work. They also need to be re-visited on a regular basis to see if parameters have changed.

A 20 year old will probably have different goals and priorities to a 45 year old. Metabolism's are different, mobility can be very different and free time can be at a premium with there is a big job or kids involved.

So, in order to find what is best for you, why not talk to someone in the know. Most trainers will have tried most of the diets and training methods out there in order to be able to give expert advice on the method. These diets and training methods don't work for everyone but we will be able to tell you about rushes and crashes, headaches, DOMS, sleeplessness and other side affects. A good PT will give you the truth and not just want you want to hear!

Health and well-being is a bit like science, it's trial and error so if you get it wrong, don't try nothing,try something else!